In the new F-1 hotel wiil be Cocoon-rooms

In the new F-1 hotel wiil be Cocoon-rooms
In the new F-1 hotel wiil be Cocoon-rooms

The network of budget hotels Formule 1 introduced a new concept of hotel rooms, which became known as Cocoon. Light, space design, extra luggage space - from now on all this can be found in the updated Cocoon rooms from Formule 1 chain.

The first of these rooms was presented to the press in the new Formule 1 hotels, which opened in Australia. Hotels with Cocoon rooms appeared in Canberra, Campbelltown and Wentworthville.

Facilities that are offered in Formule 1 hotel rooms in Australia are unprecedented for this budget network, which is known in Europe not only by extremely low prices, but also limited number of services. This time the hotel chain has stepped beyond the usual minimalism. Cocoon rooms will offer its guests flat-screen TVs and free internet access. However, in the center will be the very stylistic concept. The idea of cocoon rooms received a prize from European Hotels Design Awards for the best interior design.

Formule 1 chain is planning its expansion on the Australian market in the near future. To the three already opened hotels during five years will be added another 20. All of them will have Cocoon rooms.

Formule 1 hotel chain today is one of the leading operators of the budget hotel segment. The company is represented by 80 hotels in Europe, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia and Japan. Australia became a new market for the Formule 1.

It is worth noting that earlier budget hotels in Australia were almost not represented. European fashion for inexpensive hotels just starting to get to the Green Continent. And it seems that the Formule 1 for some time will have the monopoly in their niche. After it Australian market expects other operators of budget class. So, in 2012, Asian network of budget hotels Tune hotels plans to introduce its first hotel in Melbourne.

Date: 14/08/2011

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