Gaddafi wife wants to buy a hotel in Croatia

Gaddafi wife wants to buy a hotel in Croatia
Gaddafi wife wants to buy a hotel in Croatia

Safia Gaddafi, the wife of the former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, wants to buy abandoned hotel in Croatia at the Igrane resort. This news was published on the pages of several Croatian media, including Croatian Times, Makarska Chronicle and others.

The family of the former Libyan ruler was forced to hide in Algeria, reports It is possible that the hotel in Igrane will be a new foreign residence for the Gaddafi family. And Croatia was chosen not only for its natural beauty. Safia Gaddafi was born here. Wife of the odious leader was born in Mostar, which is now located on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. By the way, Safia met her husband in Yugoslavia, when Gaddafi was an intern at one of the military universities in the country.

Currently officials from the Croatian side refused to comment this situation. At the same time, reporters discovered that the hotel, which chose Safia Gaddafi, is currently abandoned. However, it is likely that Gaddafi family is interested not so much in the building itself, but in a picturesque place on the coast of the Riviera, where the hotel is located. It is also known that the hotel and surrounding areas now belong to several owners, including the State Privatization Fund of Croatia.

According to the Croatian press, Gaddafi’s wife intended to buy the property on the Croatian coast since mass protests started in Libya.

Igrane is a small fishing port in Dalmatia, which is located within the Makarska Riviera resort. Igrane is located on the picturesque peninsula. The resort is popular among tourists due to its extended (1.5 km) sandy beach. Close to Igrane are located such well-known resorts in Croatia as Makarska and Brela. The main attraction of Igrane is "Zalina Kuta" tower, built in the 17th century to protect the coast from the Turks.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 10/09/2011

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