Hotel in Miami for $ 3 billion

Hotel in Miami for $ 3 billion
Hotel in Miami for $ 3 billion

Miami may become a new gambling center of the USA along with Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The Asian tourist giant - Genting Malaysia Berhad - announced its plans to build a gambling center on the shores of the Biscayne Bay. The hotel-casino is supposed to be constructed on the site of the building, which hosts Miami Herald newspaper. The construction cost is estimated at 3 billion dollars.

According to the project, new hotel in Miami will be located in an area of 4 hectares. The hotel will include 5200 rooms, two residence complexes, business center, as well as 50 restaurants and nightclubs, which will be placed on 10 square kilometers. Casino will be opened on the 3rd or 4th floors.

Opening of such a large gambling resort promises to be the first such event in Florida’s history. Earlier in Miami were opened several gambling centers, where were offered only a few types of games such as slot machines or blackjack. Creation of a complex similar to the famous mega-hotels of Las Vegas will make Miami the main competitor of the US gambling capital. The name of the hotel speaks for itself - Resorts World Miami.

Either way, the state government has not yet allowed it opening. Currently the US has strict laws on opening of the gambling houses. Thus, super hotel in Miami will have to go through several stages of administrative project approval.
To attract the city government with a new project Genting Malaysia Berhad publishes the number of jobs that would appear during the project realization: 15 000 after the opening and 30 000 in the near future, reports

Genting Malaysia Berhad has begun preparations for the project in May 2011, when the company bought the building of the Miami Herald newspaper, as well as several nearby buildings. Once the newspaper will find a new place of residence, the old house will be demolished.

Currently Genting Malaysia Berhad operates several major hotels in Asia: in Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore. The company said that the project for construction of the first super hotel in the US will be implemented even if the company would be forced to abandon the idea of opening a casino.
Genting Malaysia Berhad is one of the largest travel companies in Asia. In addition to the network of super hotels it also owns half of the cruise operator Norwegian Cruise Line.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 17/09/2011

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