New hotel super brand was created in the US

New hotel super brand was created in the US
New hotel super brand was created in the US
New hotel chain Commune Hotels & Resorts appeared on February 21, 2012.

Commune Hotels & Resorts was previously known as JT Hospitality. JT Hospitality chain, in turn, was formed after the merger of the two hotel networks - Thompson Hotels and Joie de Vivre - in October 2011.

The concept of the new Commune Hotels & Resorts hotel brand will combine all advantages of Thompson Hotels and Joie de Vivre. The first brand was mainly presented by luxury hotels located in the United States, while the second was mostly focused on the fashionable boutique hotel sector. Each of the networks had several flagship hotels, which will now become an adornment of Commune Hotels & Resorts. Among the most famous is Hotel Maya in San Francisco, which reconstruction in 2009 cost Joie de Vivre about $20 million.

The new hotel chain has already announced its plans to enter the world's leading markets. According to the official press release, among the newest hotels of the network are Thompson's Belgraves hotel in London, The Saguaro Scottsdale in Arizona and The Saguaro Palm Springs in California.

Joie de Vivre is a hotel chain founded in 1987. Today it manages about 30 hotels.

Thompson Hotels is a chain of luxury hotels that can be found in the major US, Canada and Britain megalopolises. Hotels from Thompson Hotels can be found in Chicago, New York, Toronto, Miami and London. The company operates the famous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on the Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

One of the managers of the new company - John Pritzker - is a member of a rich American family. His brother, Thomas Pritzker, now manages the world-famous Hyatt hotel chain.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 27/02/2012

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