Super jump from the legendary hotel in Rio

Super jump from the legendary hotel in Rio
Super jump from the legendary hotel in Rio

Copacabana Rio Hotel is recognized by many as one of the best hotels in Rio. The number of legendary persons, who stayed in its rooms, is almost equal to the number of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Perhaps, the hotel’s reputation became one of the reasons why a 41-year-old Australian chose its roof for his jump.

Michael Nicholas Johnson decided to jump with parachute from the roof of the hotel onto the beach. For Rio de Janeiro, a city which is difficult to impress, arrival of a jumper from the top of the Copacabana Rio Hotel was a complete surprise and became the topic of lively discussions. For example, the Australian press quoted police inspector Marcio Mendonca. He says, despite his rich practice, he faces such case for the first time.

It is unknown if anyone wants to repeat Mr. Johnson’s trick. According to the Brazilian law, he can face up to two years in prison for endangering the life of people on the beaches, as well as for illegal entry into the territory of the hotel under the guise of a guest.

Nevertheless, it seems that the Australian will only get little shock as well as those tourists, who will be at the beach at the moment of landing. Johnson was arrested by the police in Rio on Monday, but on Tuesday he was released from custody. Jumping from skyscrapers became quite popular in the world. The phenomenon, which has been called "base-jumping", has been getting nervous many generations of skyscrapers employees. Not so long ago in Australia four adventurers jumped from the balcony of a restaurant in Melbourne located on the 55th floor.

As for the Copacabana Rio Hotel, it is one of the tallest buildings near the main beach of Rio de Janeiro. The hotel has 39 floors.

Today the record height for a "base-jump" is almost 700 meters. It was made in 2010 by two UAE citizens. The base was located at the 160th floor of the famous skyscraper Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 04/06/2012

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