Giant Nazi hotel will be rebuilt in Germany

Giant Nazi hotel will be rebuilt in Germany
Giant Nazi hotel will be rebuilt in Germany

Prora is a city that once was the tourist symbol of the Nazi Germany. This small resort on the island of Rügen is famous for the giant building created by the Nazis - "Prora Colossus" holiday center, which was able to receive up to 20 thousand people. On its territory investors plan to create a new luxury hotel with spa services and apartments. According to the publication, works should begin in June 2012.

"Prora Colossus" (Koloss von Prora) is an architectural complex consisting of several similar buildings stretching along the beaches of Prora for 4.5 kilometers. The Nazis created it in order to attract working class representatives to the party. The German proletariat should have been imbued with Nazi ideology during vacations nearby one the best beaches in Germany. Theater, cinema, swimming pools and banquet hall were planned to be built for the complex guests. However, beginning of World War II changed the architectural plans of the Nazi ideologists and the complex wasn’t completed.

In the recent years German investors have increased their attempts to use convenient location of the vacation house and its giant size to build new tourist facilities on its basis. Despite the fact that the complex is an architectural monument, it does not prevent local authorities to attract commercial organizations to develop its potential.

For example, in 2011 youth hostel was opened in one of the "Prora Colossus" buildings. Its advertisement in the press became one of the most controversial topics. Marketers have decided to focus on the Nazi past of the hotel and were highly criticized in the German society. As a result the new youth hostel for 400 guests was positioned as a unique place to stay in the historic surroundings.

In total, reconstruction of the "Prora Colossus" cost about 27 million Euros, most of which were received from the EU funds. The investor, who intends to use one of the complex buildings for a new hotel, has already invested 2.75 million Euros.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 20/06/2012

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