French hotel will host a wine festival

French hotel will host a wine festival
French hotel will host a wine festival
Luxurious five-star hotel Les Sources de Caudalie situated in the suburbs of Bordeaux will make a wonderful gift not only for its guests, but also for all wine lovers. From June 28 to July 1 the hotel will host a wine festival in Bordeaux. On the central square will be installed twelve pavilions, where anyone can appreciate the variety of local wines.

At the festival will also operate Bordeaux Wine School, where, thanks to the master-classes, tourist will be able to understand the noble art of wine tasting. In the wine school guests will learn not only how to drink wine, but also how to select, store and prepare it for drinking. For the people wishing to learn more about the process of wine-making Les Sources de Caudalie organizes excursions to the vineyards and the most famous distilleries in Bordeaux. And every evening the area will be turned into a huge concert hall for the three great musical performances. Sound and light show will be projected onto the Palais de la Bourse. The wine festival will end late in the evening on July 1 with spectacular fireworks, which will lighten the whole Old City.

Les Sources de Caudalie is one of the best small hotels of the world and is part of the "Small Luxury Hotels of the World" network. It consists of four separate buildings made in different styles. La Bastide des Grands Crus is a medieval European style, La Maison du Lievre is designed in the style of a Land farm, Le Comtoir des Indes - English colonial style, while La Grande au Bateau will dip the guests into the sea coast atmosphere. The hotel also houses one of the world's first wine therapy centers Caudalie. Professional tasters say it means the "unit of aftertaste length".

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 29/06/2012

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