Hotels with history: top 10 rebuilt hotels

Hotels with history: top 10 rebuilt hotels
Hotels with history: top 10 rebuilt hotels

Hotels in historical buildings, aristocratic mansions, castles and monasteries: fashion for staying in unique buildings is gaining popularity around the world. Nowadays there are quite enough hotels to choose the best of the best among them. Not so long ago travel website has chosen the top 10 rebuilt hotels, which have been opened in the buildings of architectural monuments.

Mandarin Oriental Prague, Prague

Luxury Asian hotel chain Mandarin Oriental opened its hotel in a quiet district of Mala Strana, which once served as a suburb of the Czech capital. Mandarin Oriental Prague is located in the Dominican monastery of the 14th century. The monastery complex and modern technologies turned to be quite harmonious neighbors. Thus, the gothic building of the monastery now has spa, sauna and swimming pools from Mandarin Oriental Prague.

The Liberty Hotel, Boston

Liberty Hotel in Boston is symbolically located in the former prison building. Here prison cells were turned into rooms, while canteen for prisoners has become a disco club. Convenient location, according to the users of, makes it an excellent starting point for exploring one of the most prominent cities of the U.S. East Coast.

La Purificadora – Puebla, Mexico

La Purificadora is a hotel located in the town of Puebla with rich in historical sights, 100 km from Mexico City, and offers accommodation in the territory of the former ice plant, which for such hot country as Mexico is a significant plus. The original design of the plant was almost not changed by the designers. The past history of the hotel is reflected in numerous glass elements decorating it.

Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore

The city of contrasts and super technologies, banana-lemon Singapore managed to keep a tiny bit of its ancient history in the hotel landscape. It is located in the district known as Little India. This tiny part is Wanderlust Hotel, located in the former school building. Each floor of the four-storey school building got its unique design: industrial glam, eccentric, white and black.

Hotel Hospes Palacio del Bailio – Cordoba, Spain

Cordoba is a very old city, so choosing a building for converting into a hotel, can be a tempting proposal for any architect. The owners of the Hospes Palacio del Bailio hotel have overcome the desire to buy all houses in Cordoba and chose an ancient palace of the 16th century for the future hotel. Following the style of Cordoba, which is set by the Mesquita - Europe's largest mosque - Hospes Palacio del Bailio hotel in its interior preserved the spirit of the Moor domination, who ruled in the Pyrenees at the beginning of the Middle Ages. Anyway, such a hotel would have looked authentic in Morocco. However, in Spanish Cordoba it has become a real exotic.

Four Seasons Hotel at Sultanahmet – Istanbul, Turkey

It is another prison, this time - Turkish. Like a phoenix from the ashes on the site of a former prison appeared luxury hotel in the center of the main tourist metropolis of Turkey. Hotel operator Four Seasons turned the former prison into a luxury hotel with attractive location: exactly between the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.

Montpelier Plantation – Nevis, Caribbean

But it is something new. The island of Nevis, a colony of the British Empire and a refuge for the pirates, has long been a tourist paradise. Cruise passengers arrive here almost every day. Those, who choose to stay "a little longer", will be warmly welcomed by the Montpelier Plantation hotel, which occupied the mansion located in the heart of the former sugar plantation. The British colonial style of the local estates was appreciated by many distinguished people. Princess Diana, for example, used to come to the Montpelier Plantation escaping from depression and after her divorce from Prince Charles.

Hotel del Casco – San Isidro, Argentina

Palazzo can be found not only in Italy. This type of architectural buildings was also spread in the late 19th century in Argentina. Located in a ten-minute drive from the capital city of Buenos Aires the town of San Isidro sheltered in 1892 former aristocratic palazzo-styled country house, which a hundred years later attracts a lot of hoteliers. Hotel del Casco is located in the heart of a provincial town, where the pavement is still fresh from the boot traces of ferocious and authoritative cattleman, while churches spread bell ringing throughout the surroundings creating a unique atmosphere of fairy-tale Macondo from "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Quinta Real Zacatecas hotel – Zacatecas, Mexico

Despite the fact that bullfighting is no longer organized in Zacatecas, it has not been abandoned. A hotel stands now at the site of the former bullring. Quinta Real Zacatecas hotel was built instead of the bullring in 1975.

The Conservatorium Hotel – Amsterdam

Today he plays jazz, but tomorrow a hotel will be here. This is a short history of The Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam. It is located in a building unique even for the historical hotel - the old conservatory. Innovative Dutch designers decorated the facade with glass, equipped the hotel with spa rooms and made it one of the most famous places in Amsterdam among respectable tourists.

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Date: 04/07/2012

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