The best Spanish hotels: a living history

The best Spanish hotels: a living history
The best Spanish hotels: a living history

Parador means the best hotels in Spain, which are located in the unique historical monuments: palaces, monasteries, castles and fortresses. The portal has already published material about the importance of Parador for the hotel industry in Spain. To put it in a nutshell is the standard of luxury accommodation, which combines exclusive service, history and architecture. In Spain today there are over one hundred paradores hotels in different parts of the country. In this article we will describe some of them.

Hotel Parador, Santiago de Compostela

Previously the hotel was called Hostal dos Reis Catolicos, and before that it served as a Royal Hospital. Today, the most luxurious hotel of the Galician capital receives only the most affluent travelers. At the beginning of its history in 1499 here stopped the pilgrims of all income levels. However, since then many has changed. Now pilgrims of Santiago de Compostela, which is also called "Christian Mecca", can use dozens of budget hotels. Hotel Parador Santiago de Compostela has 138 rooms equipped with antique furniture, frescos, Wi-Fi, plasma TV, pool and bars. In the 21st century such eclecticism is no surprise.

Gijon Parador, Gijon

Old mill in Gijon was turned into a hotel. However now it is not a rarity for Spain. However, as for Gijon Parador the building itself is not so important as surrounding landscape. Located in the territory of the Isabel la Catolica Park it is, perhaps, the most picturesque place in Gijon. Paradores promise its guests delicious Asturian cuisine, as well as special gluten-free menu. Guests are offered special tours to the Picos de Europa mountain massifs or ancient town of Oviedo, to the Munelos Park or the lake Enola. In the evening guests will be entertained by Galician brass ensemble.

Parador La Arruzafa, Cordoba

Moorish legacy is reflected not only in religious buildings of Cordoba (here is located the mosque included into the UNESCO World Heritage List), but also in its hotels. Parador La Arruzafa is built on the site of the former summer palace of the Caliph of Cordoba Abd ar-Rahman. He was the first caliph, who planted palm trees in Europe. Therefore the hotel name is translated from Arabic as "a garden of palm trees". Its interior design includes metal, wood, leather, symbols and ornaments of Arabic and traditional Andalusian cultures. Guests of the hotel can enjoy golf, tennis, or horseback riding. The terrace offers one of the best views of Cordoba. In addition, there is always cooler than in the town.

Hotel Parador de Oropesa Virrey Toledo, Oropesa

Well, here comes the first castle. Hotel Parador de Oropesa Virrey Toledo is located in one of the oldest settlements in Spain. It is said that Oropesa was founded in the times of Hercules. It is unknown whether it is true or not, but the castle, which houses the hotel, is also quite old. It was founded in 1366. For a long time Don Garcia Alvarez, the governor of the Toledo lands, here lived. Today here live guests from all around the world. They climb the Homenaje tower to enjoy the scenery and vineyards of the famous Spanish province. The restaurant offers mainly lamb dishes and uses products grown on the Toledo fields. Arches and vaulted ceilings still keep the spirit of the Middle Ages, while modern technology, such as satellite TV and air conditioners allow stay modern. The most popular time for room booking here is September, when Oropesa hosts the annual festival attended by hundreds of tourists.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 08/07/2012

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