Hotels in Canada: construction of the century on the Niagara

Hotels in Canada: construction of the century on the Niagara
Hotels in Canada: construction of the century on the Niagara
The project on building two skyscraper hotels in Canada was approved by the local authorities and promises to be one of the most ambitious construction projects in the country over the last decade. The project is also interested due to the fact that the new hotel is expected to be built in close proximity to the famous Niagara Falls.

The hotel, which construction is estimated at 500 million dollars, will be located in the two 60 and 61-floor towers.

On Tuesday July 24, 2012 the city council of Niagara Falls approved the hotel building near the waterfall.
The town itself has long been known in Canada as one of the country’s tourist centers. In addition to the mass pilgrimages of millions to the Niagara Falls here also come fans of gambling. The two casinos in Niagara Falls - Casino Niagara and Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort - are among the key employers in the city.

According to the project, new hotel will include 966 rooms. There will be a restaurant on the roof, an observation platform, a spa complex and a karaoke bar, 800 parking lots and several townhouses. The hotel will create 1,000 new jobs in the city. It was named River Road Luxury Resort. It is expected that the tourism income of the hotel will reach 21 million dollars annually.

River Road Luxury Resort promises to be the tallest hotel in Canada surpassing the current record holder - Niagara Falls Hilton, which is also located at this resort. The project will also be included into the top three largest constructions of Niagara Falls surpassing by the scale such project as creation of the exhibition center in the city and being second only after the giant entertainment complex Niagara Fallsview.

It should be noted that before the construction begins the city council in Niagara Falls will have to comply with a number of formalities and make changes to the legislation. In particular, the current law officially prohibits construction of buildings above 12 storeys in this district of the town.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 30/07/2012

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