Special program for tree hotels in Poland

Special program for tree hotels in Poland
Special program for tree hotels in Poland
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Tree hotels - recently, the Polish company Lun Fix has been providing special services for the builders of such hotels.

The main activity of Lun Fix from Piaseczno, which is 8 km away from Warsaw, is the trade for fasteners and construction wires. However, the company decided to expand its range of services, and in addition to supplying fasteners, it began to offer special programs for those who want to build the hotel on the tree.

The programs for Lun Fix Tree Hotels include basic training courses in carpentry and design, evaluation of trees as a suitable basis, as well as calculations and estimates for the purchase of materials.

Program participants are offered a number of template solutions for building tree hotels. Lun Fix also offers several options for pre-fabricated fixture kits and building materials, which include fixing corners, beam supports, welded galvanized nets, and more.

At the end of the Tree Hotel program, the client receives a certificate of construction, and the best student is promised a complete set of fasteners free of charge.

Ecologically comfortable, tree hotels from the once fancy trend are becoming more and more familiar element of the global hotel landscape. Similar accommodation options can be easily found on popular services such as Airbnb and Booking.com.

By the way, the future building does not have to be a hotel. It can be used as a home for games or as part of an entertainment complex.

Some of the most famous tree hotels in the world today are the Manali Tree House in India, a tree hotel in Sweden's Lapland, and a tree castle in the French Dordogne region.

Date: 08/08/2019


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