Hotels Ledbury

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from 75.00 GBP / night
Harlequin B&B Ledbury
Bed & Breakfasts
Garden Non-Smoking Rooms
from 60.00 GBP / night
from 80.00 GBP / night
Seven Stars
Non-Smoking Rooms Terrasse
from 49.00 GBP / night
Hillside Cottage
Ledbury, Great Britain
Bed & Breakfasts
Garden Non-Smoking Rooms
from 80.00 GBP / night
The Oak Inn Staplow
Bed & Breakfasts
from 85.00 GBP / night
from 82.00 GBP / night
Moor Court Farm
Farm stays
from 40.00 GBP / night
Orchard Cottage, Ledbury
Holiday homes
from 51.71 GBP / night
North Lodge, Ledbury
Holiday homes
from 63.14 GBP / night
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