Orbitz.com announces the reduction in the cost of booking

Orbitz.com announces the reduction in the cost of booking
Orbitz.com announces the reduction in the cost of booking
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Hotel reservation at one of the leading online-booking websites will become cheaper. Orbitz.com – one of the leaders of online-booking market of the United States and Great Britain - is preparing to announce a reduction in the cost of its services.

Hotel reservation at Orbitz.com will be cheaper than at competitors’ sites, like www.travelocity.com or Expedia.com, due to the new special offer. It is expected that the average saving on a single room for users of Orbitz.com will be an average of 7 dollars per night.

However, the competitors consider that the plans of Orbitz.com to reduce the cost of booking will not significantly affect the prices. The management of Expedia.com doesn’t expect a serious churn to the company-competitor.

To date, the most popular way to lower prices for hotel reservation was the use of seasonal discounts, which represented individual hotels and hotel chains. Initiative of Orbitz.com, according to several analysts, looks more like PR move, rather than the desire to bring real benefits to its customers.

Nevertheless, Orbitz.com believes that its initiative would find support among the tourists, who book hotels via the Internet. As before the announcement of price abatement for hotel reservation, Orbitz.com already reported about the reduction of the cost of reserving airline tickets. Such special offers provide Orbitz.com with the advantageous position of the company that tends to reduce tourists’ expenses and offer them the most payable prices for trips. Abatement of prices for booking airline tickets was an important step for Orbitz.com, because the company more than its immediate rivals, depends on sales of tickets for flights.

Orbitz.com website is the part of the corporation Orbitz Worldwide, Inc, the main orientation of which is tourism in the Internet. The company owns other projects besides Orbitz.com: ebookers.com, cheaptickets.com and many others. Orbitz.com website appeared in 2001. It was the first project of the company, which soon grew into one of the leaders of the American market of online booking of hotels and air tickets. The headquarters of Orbitz Worldwide, Inc are located in Chicago. In 2007, Orbitz Worldwide, Inc offered its shares for the open bidding at the New York Stock Exchange.

Date: 22/04/2009


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