Greece will host Acropolis Rally

Greece will host Acropolis Rally
Loutraki Spa in Greece - the starting point of Acropolis Rally 2009
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Acropolis Rally, one of the most significant stages in the global series of rally racing WRC, will be held in Greece, in the town of Loutraki from 11 to 14 June. Organizers of the rally stage in Greece at this time changed the tradition, according to which a race started in Athens for half of century.

Acropolis Rally is the seventh stage in the calendar of the world championship for rally races. Among the professionals the stage in Greece is considered to be the most difficult in season. Many sections of the route pass along the stony roads in the conditions of Greek June heat

In 2005, the stage in Greece won the title of the best rally race in the world. The last winner of the stage in 2008 became a quadruple world champion Sebastien Loeb, who represents Citroen Total WRT team. In the current Acropolis rally a Russian racer will participate - Eugene Novikov, who will represent Citroen Junior team. During the history of Acropolis Rally the largest number of victories at this stage belongs to the legendary racer Colin McRae. McRae won Rally of Greece for 5 times - in 1996, 1998, 2000-2002.

Before the launch on June 8, the route of Acropolis Rally has already undergone some changes. Thus, it was decided to abandon the race for passing the section of the Evangelistria. Experts have found that too intense effect of racing cars cause serious damage to the road surface. Thereat other new sections of Acropolis Rally, such as Kefalari, Ghymno, Drossohori and Bauxites remain in the race route.

Headquarters of Acropolis Rally and a press center stage will be located in Club Hotel Casino Loutraki, which is located directly on the coast. Club Hotel Casino Loutraki enjoys a reputation of one of the best hotels in Greece. Today, Club Hotel Casino Loutraki is the only hotel in Greece, which has won the prize of Carl Faberge for the organization of tourism infrastructure. Club Hotel Casino Loutraki – is a unique combination of spa-complex, a conference hotel and a gaming center.

Date: 10/06/2009


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