A special swine flu guide was issued for hotels in the USA

A special swine flu guide was issued for hotels in the USA
A special swine flu guide was issued for hotels in the USA
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American Hotel & Lodging Association presented a special reference book for hoteliers, entitled «H1N1 Influenza Management in Hotels» on the 4th September 2009. The main objective of the manual – is to help American hoteliers to manage hotel property in the conditions of a pandemic of swine flu - H1N1.

A 26 page book gives advice to hotel managers about what measures I supposed to be taken in case if it turns out that among the hotel guests or the staff of the hotel a carrier of the virus of swine flu will be revealed. Also handbook includes guidance for cleaning technologies in U.S. hotels.

Among the sections which the guide contains are: basic information about the swine flu virus, main prevention methods, employee safety, necessity for each hotel to have an internal action plan for the case of swine flu virus recognition in the hotel, plans for the case of swine flu outbreaks in the hotel (several case of disease finding) and others. In addition, the manual against swine flu contains a list of areas of the hotel, which should be exposed to constant disinfection.

The manual for handling swine flu for the hotels is a part of a U.S. government program, which is implemented by the U.S. Department of Health. The goal of the program - is to minimize the risk of an outbreak. According to the owners of American hotels, this reference book will help them to prepare a better action plan and train staff in order to take adequate measures to prevent the disease.

In addition to the handbook, American Hotel & Lodging Association plans to arrange a webinar for hoteliers, where it plans to present the latest news about swine flu and prevention methods.

To date the struggle that the U.S. authorities have launched against swine flu, is conducted in various directions. At the same time informing the population and the desire to protect U.S. residents from the swine flu virus often takes rather curious forms. Recently, a soft toy in honor of swine flu was released in the United States. Thus scientists still do not known yet what the real danger of swine flu is and how effective taken security measures are.

Date: 07/09/2009


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