Dubai will represent Burj Tower in January 2010

Dubai will represent Burj Tower in January 2010
Burj Al Arab will soon cease to be a symbol of Dubai. It will be replaced by Burj Tower
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A crisis is not a hindrance for Dubai. Perhaps the fastest growing tourist region of the planet continues to heat the imagination with various fantastic projects. One of the most anticipated of them is a giant construction Burj Tower - the tallest building in the world, which will rise over the Dubai hotels and beaches of the emirate at a height of 818 meters.

The nine month delay of the opening date of Burj Tower only adds some extra interest to the project. Today the opening of Burj Tower – is one of the most debatable innovations of the coming year. Dubai has recently announced that the official opening of Burj Tower will take place on the 4th of January 2010 and will be timed to the anniversary of ruling of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the governor of Dubai emirate.

Burj Tower itself – is a truly grandiose building, which promises to become a new symbol of Dubai, sliding toward the second plan Burj Al Arab. Burj Tower will have 138 floors, where about 800 apartments will be located. The fist hotel by Armani will be opened in Burj Tower. Armain hotel will be located on the lower floors of the building and will include 175 rooms, the design of which will be developed by the famous couturier.

Among the technical characteristics of Burj Tower are: a unique system of 57 elevators, which will be able to transport guest of Burj Tower with a maximum speed of 60 meters per second. A scenic viewpoint, from which tourist will be able to see the breathtaking panorama of Dubai, will be located on the 124th floor. A Famous artificial archipelago The World will also be in the field of view of observers. Almost under the roof of Burj Tower a nightclub will be located. Approximately 1000 works by artists of the Middle East and the world will be exhibited in the corridors of the Burj Tower.

Emaar Properties Company will be engaged into the implementation of the Burj Tower construction project. The company is famous for its active development activities in the sector of hotel real estate in Dubai. The total cost of Burj Tower project, the construction of which started in 2004, reached 20 billion dollars.

A large-scale construction – is a distinctive feature of Dubai hotels. Today several tallest hotels in the world are located in emirate, including Rose Tower Hotel with a height of 333 meters and the famous sail – Burj Al Arab - 321 meters in height.

Date: 13/11/2009


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