Ice Hotel in Sweden will be built for the 20-th time

Ice Hotel in Sweden will be built for the 20-th time
Icehotel, Sweden
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The most famous ice hotel in the world world - Icehotel in Sweden – will start its 20th season on the New Year’s Eve 2010.

Ice hotels in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Canada and other countries today are such type of exotics, to which everyone has already got used to. However, in 1996 the idea of a hotel made of ice was completely unique to the hospitality industry. In 1996 the first ice hotel in the world - Icehotel was built near the town Jukkasjärvi, on the river Thorne, in the extreme north of Scandinavia - in the Swedish Lapland.

Today, as well as 15 years ago, the creation of Icehotel involvs dozens of artists and ice sculptors from all over the world. And just as 15 years ago, among the project participants there are many creative individuals who will work with such materials as snow and ice for the first time. However, owners of Icehotel have no concerns about this issue: years of experience of similar cooperation with other artists allow not to doubt in success.

Responsibility for the creation of the ice hotel in Sweden lies on the shoulders of the company The Art & Design Group. This company organizes the construction works, as well as invites artists, who create the interiors of the hotel, and it is The Art & Design Group which chooses the design of the hotel of many projects that have been annually sent to the company from designers from different countries.

According to the official site of the ice hotel, an opportunity to stay in a unique hotel of Sweden is chosen annually by 60 000 people. In the 2009-2010 season 62 room are offered to those, who want to spend a winter vacation in a hotel, where the temperature never rises above minus five, as well as Icebar, which has already become a world franchise and can be seen today not only in Sweden but also in Denmark, ski resorts of Switzerland, Austria and other countries.

Celebration of the 20th season of the most famous the ice hotel in Sweden today will start on the last day of the year 2009 and will be combined with the celebration of New Year. Fireworks, dances and the northern lights this time will be complemented with another innovation: tractor ballet, which organizers intend to arrange on the scene, installed on the ice of the Thorn River.

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Date: 08/12/2009


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