George Clooney promotes Hilton hotel s

George Clooney promotes Hilton hotel s
Hilton hotels will appear in a new film with George Clooney
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Hilton hotels promise to be in the focus of fans of Hollywood's movies in the nearest future. The reason for this will be a new film starring George Clooney, which is called “Up in the air”. The film with Clooney in the title role - is the story of a man, who decided to collect 10 million bonus air miles. One of the main decorations, which will be used for the film, will be Hilton hotels.

Participation of the Hilton hotels in the new film was initially interpreted by the publicity in the USA as a classic product-placement. However, the information that has recently appeared in the American press discloses a number of additional subtleties.

According to New York Times, one of the largest hotel corporations in the world did not pay a cent for the reference to the Hilton hotels in the new film with George Clooney. In addition it was noted that the company refused to accept the payment for the rooms that were used for shooting the film.

In addition to the hotel giant, one of the biggest U.S. airlines - American Airlines - come into the spotlight in the new film. In sign of gratitude to the authors of the film, both companies have organized a party after the premiere of "Up in the air”, which was held in Los Angeles on the 30th of November 2009.

According to official representatives of the corporation, Hilton has been able to reach such a wide audience through a marketing tool for the first time during the entire history of the company.

Not only Hilton will benefit from such cooperation, but the creators of the film "Up in the air.” Thus, Hilton has already printed advertisements of the movie on more than one million card-keys to hotel rooms of the chain worldwide. In addition, a trip to the premiere of “Up in the air” in Los Angeles was the main prize, which Hilton has raffled off in the intra-corporate motivational event.

The film “Up in the air” promises to be one of the favorites at the upcoming Oscar. It is already known that the film was proposed for 6 nominations at the Golden Globe Awards.

Date: 21/12/2009


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