10 dirtiest hotels of the USA by TripAdvisor.com

10 dirtiest hotels of the USA by TripAdvisor.com
Some hotels in the USA forget about cleaning
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Hotels in the USA nowadays - is not just a luxury, order and obliging staff. The reverse side of the hotel business in the USA was recently demonstrated by the portal Tripadvisor.com. TripAdvisor.com, the world's largest site of hotel reviews, has published top 10 dirtiest hotels of the USA.

TripAdvisor.com determines the most untidy American hotels twice a year. The current rating is the first one in the tourist season of 2010. This time the leader in the number of dirty hotels is California. Three hotels of the state appeared in the list. Virginia and Florida are represented in the “Top 10” by two hotels. Hotels in New York, Pennsylvania and Missouri can also be found in the list.

The dirtiest hotel in the USA, according to Tripadvisor.com, is Heritage Marina Hotel, San Francisco, California. A place, that is usually presented as a dirty den in Hollywood movies, will look like a well-kept family hotel in the Alps against the background of Heritage Marina Hotel. Mattresses, reeking of urine, bedbugs, carpets with traces of vomit – all this is waiting for tourists in Heritage Marina Hotel; the hotel, located just a couple of minutes walk from the fishing pier of San Francisco; the hotel, where a guest will be warmly met by dozens of prostitutes, before he reaches the entrance. So it is logical that 80% of ratings for the hotel at TripAdvisor.com - is "awful."It still remains a mystery, who are those seven guests who has given "excellent" rating to the hotel. Perhaps, among them prevail fans of B-Grade horror films!?

The city, which has delegated the largest number of hotels in the rating - is Miami. Hotels in the capital of American glamour, known for their luxury, now have one more, not very nice title, by users of Tripdavisor.com. Two hotels in Miami appeared in the “Top 10”. Parisian Hotel & Suites despite the romantic name, is, in fact, an ordinary opium den. Another "winner” - Continental Oceanfront Hotel South Beach - welcomes its guests with spots on wallpapers in rooms and lack of politeness among the staff at reception. Thus, Continental Oceanfront Hotel South Beach, one of the cheapest hotels in Miami, completely fulfills the classic criteria of "price-quality".

Full list of Top-10 dirtiest hotels U.S. looks like this:

1. Heritage Marina Hotel, San Francisco, California
2. Days Inn Eureka / Six Flags, Eureka, Missouri
3. Tropicana Resort Hotel, Virginia Beach, Virginia
4. Super 8 Virginia Beach / At the Ocean, Virginia Beach, Virginia
5. Quality Inn, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
6. New York Inn, New York
7. Parisian Hotel & Suites, Miami, Florida
8. Capistrano Seaside Inn, Kapistano Beach, California
9. Desert Lodge, Palm Springs, California
10. Continental Oceanfront Hotel South Beach, Miami, Florida

Four of the ten dirtiest hotels are located on the U.S. coast and sea resorts. The list also includes two hotels of big hotel chains: Wyndham (a hotel in Missouri) and Choice International (a hotel in Pennsylvania).

Date: 25/01/2010


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