Design of the hotel in Dubai by Victoria Beckham

Design of the hotel in Dubai by Victoria Beckham
Design of the hotel in Dubai by Victoria Beckham
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Victoria Beckham, the cult character of the world of glamour and gossip, in the near future may appear in a new role. According to the British newspaper Daily Mirror, the former soloist of Spice Girls received a proposal from the head of the emirate, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The spouse of the famous British football player David Beckham was offered to act as a hotel designer. The cost of work by lionne on decoration of one of the hotels in Dubai was estimated at 40 million dollars – a truly astronomical amount nowadays, even for the UAE.

The new hotel is expected to be located on one of the island of the artificial archipelago - The World - near the coast of Dubai. The island is called Isla Moda, and its main theme will be the world of high fashion. Victoria Beckham was offered to develop a room design of the future hotel, including furniture and bedding. After the opening a hotel owner will acquire a right to use the name of Beckham as an additional advertisement for the hotel. "The interiors by Beckham" are intended to stimulate interest to the hotel among the wealthiest tourists of Dubai.

According to the British publication, Victoria Beckham has received the offer to become a designer of a luxury hotel in Dubai during her vacation at the resort in December 2009. At the same time, said Daily Mirror, Victoria has not yet given her consent for participation in the project. Thereat, if a famous diva, accepts the invitation, she is not going to create the interior of the hotel alone, but in cooperation with one of the world's leading couturier Karl Lagerfeld, who, in particular, is responsible for the development of the design of the island Isla Moda .

The World archipelago - is one of the most ambitious projects in modern tourism industry. It consists of dozens of artificial islands, which repeat by the general outline the map of the earth. The World archipelago is located a few kilometers from the coast of Dubai. Residences and apartments are already sold on the islands of the archipelago. The cost of the cheapest housing offer on The World - is about 7 million, the most expensive - about 1 billion 800 million.

Arrival of the leading fashion designers and socialites at the world of hotel design has become one of the newest trends in the hotel sector. In March 2010 the famous Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani will present his first hotel in Dubai. Fashion house Versace plans to soon finish the construction of a luxury resort on the coast of Dubai. Rezidor hotel chain brings to market hotels under the brand of fashion house Missoni.

Date: 26/01/2010


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