Prices in Hotels of South Africa tripled

Prices in Hotels of South Africa tripled
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FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa is one of the most popular sporting events these days that promise to become not only one of the famous, but also the most controversial and expensive this year. Due to the flow of tourists and sports fans to visit the World Cup, prices on hotels and apartments in South Africa increased more than threefold.

Additional increase in prices for accommodation during periods of popular sporting or cultural events is not new in the world of hotels. Organizers of events are always happy to satisfy the requirements of carefree travel from richer countries to help empty their wallets. However, despite the world adopted trend, the current FIFA World Cup in South Africa has exceeded all possible expectations. Prices for accommodation in hotels and apartments of the host cities of World Cup, including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth and others were overstated at times up to 300 percent of standard rates.

One of the reasons for the incredible rise in accommodation prices is an exclusive contract of one of the tourist companies in the UK with FIFA, which gives the British side exclusive right to book the majority of available hotel rooms during the Championship. It is estimated that the transaction allowed British company to control approximately 80% of hotel rooms and to dictate prices in the host city of the World Cup, which caused a chain reaction in the remaining 20 percent of hotels.

Thus, many football fans have been unable to support their team during the 2010 World Cup. Unlike last championship, which was visited by around 200,000 British football fans, the current World Championship, which will be held in South Africa will be available for only 25 000 people from the UK.

Nevertheless, hotels and apartments at reasonable prices in South Africa in major host cities of 2010 World Cup are available on Use the search to choose the appropriate option among the mini-budget hotels or luxury five-star hotels with a wide range of services.

Alesia Belaya

Date: 10/06/2010


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