The legendary London hotel is opened after the renovation

The legendary London hotel is opened after the renovation
The legendary London hotel is opened after the renovation

On October 10, 2010 in London will be opened after the restoration one of the best hotels in the UK and the whole world. Savoy Hotel, a symbol and flagship of the British hotel industry, will open its doors after years of restoration, which cost in total of 200 million pounds.

British edition Financial Times notes that the reconstruction of the legendary hotel in London cost the owners at least for 100 million pounds more than was included in the original project. In addition, the opening of "Savoy" was delayed for 1.5 years. This reconstruction has become one of the most expensive in the global hotel industry.

Savoy Hotel is located in the heart of London near Queen Victoria Quay by Strand Boulevard. For many years the Savoy enjoyed the reputation of the British standard of gloss, luxury and elegance. Built in 1889, the hotel has received many celebrities: from Hollywood stars to presidents and kings. One of the first hotel managers was the legendary hotelier Cesar Ritz.

The British press, commenting on the opening of the Savoy Hotel, highlights a number of exclusive sides, which the guests can found in the restored legend. For example, 650 people of the hotel staff are trained to dance the Charleston and waltzes. Cocktails in hotel bars will be produced by the best bartenders in the world.

It is noted that opened after the reconstruction Savoy Hotel will become more expensive. Rooms, which earlier were available to the guests for £200 now, will cost at least 350£. The most expensive hotel rooms will be personal suites, named after famous guests. Thus, the room of the legendary opera diva Maria Callas will cost 2500 pounds per day.

Savoy preceded the wave of openings after the reconstruction of luxury hotels in London, which promises to engulf the capital of Britain in the near future. Among the most anticipated is the opening of another legend in London, Hotel Waldorf-Astoria. Among the hotel chains, which new luxury hotels will appear in London are IHG and Shangri-La.

Date: 11/10/2010

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