Graffiti legend painted a British hotel

One of Banksy’s works

One of the hotels in the UK made a sudden promotion. Grosvenor Hotel, located in the town of Torquay in Devon, for one night became famous throughout the world. It is worth noting that it was thanks not to a PR service of the hotel, but one of the most famous masters of modern graffiti - Banksy.

It is still unknown who hides behind the Banksy pseudonym. We only know that the artist's work first appeared in Bristol. Today Banksy's creations, which can be found in many parts of Britain and world, are estimated at several hundred thousand pounds each. Many of the paintings by Banksy are of social character, where he makes fun of a modern consumer society.

And the author's latest work on the wall of the hotel wasn’t an exception. Experts have hastened to sound the cost of the new work - 150 000 pounds. In their opinion, a portrait of a boy on the wall of the Grosvenor Hotel, who is painting a robot, is worth of this very sum.

And the only evidence that the work belongs to Banksy is a photo, posted on the web page of the artist, according to the BBC.

It is worth mentioning that Banksy’s painting on the wall of Grosvenor Hotel was discovered on October 4. However, before the photo appeared on the site of the famous artist, the hotel was in no hurry to give it publicity.

The Grosvenor Hotel itself has nothing special. It is one of the many luxury hotels located in Torquay - one of the resorts on the English Riviera. Slogan of the hotel, which can be seen on its official website, is: "We want you to feel sorry for leaving us."

Date: 20/10/2010

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