A hotel will be opened in Versailles

A hotel will be opened in Versailles
A hotel will be opened in Versailles

Staying in a hotel in France located in the famous royal palace? One part of the famous Versailles will be converted into a luxury hotel. This project is a part of a public campaign in France, where today are trying to find different ways to finance the restoration of the famous landmarks.

According to the management of Versailles, the hotel will likely be housed in the building of the Hotel du Grand-Controle, which formerly served as a repository of relics of Versailles.

A new hotel in Versailles is to be presented already in 2011, as reported by AFP. The preliminary draft of the hotel provides for 23 rooms, from which will open the view of the famous Versailles Greenhouse and the Swiss lake.

The possibility of creating commercial tourist enterprises on the territory of France's leading tourist attractions appeared in 2009. Then the agreement was signed between the French Ministry of Culture and the Department of Tourism. It provided for economic and cultural development of architectural monuments of the country.

Versailles will be one of the earliest examples of the new model. As expected, for the reconstruction of Hotel du Grand Controle and turning it into a luxury hotel will be allocated 5 million euros. Reconstruction of the palace will be held by the Belgian company Ivy International SA. The company will pay an annual fee to Versailles for the use of the building

The building of Hotel du Grand Controle was built in 1680. Its total area is 1700 square meters.

Versailles today is not only an architectural monument of France, which will be used for commercial purposes. Chateau Fontainebleau, another famous landmark of Paris, may also open a hotel in its building. In total France plans to consider leases and commercial use of the 20 sites included in the list of national architectural heritage.

Date: 18/12/2010

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