Hotel in the UAE has installed the Christmas tree with diamonds

Hotel in the UAE has installed the Christmas tree with diamonds
Emirates Palace is the most expensive hotel in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, one of the principal cities of the UAE, during the current Christmas could become famous by the most expensive Christmas tree in the world. In one of the luxury hotels in the UAE and Abu Dhabi - Emirates Palace – on the Christmas Eve 2010 has been installed the Christmas tree that was decorated with diamonds. The total cost is estimated at 11 million dollars.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the two major tourist centers of the UAE, which constantly compete for the right to be called the most luxurious resort in the Middle East. It seemed that with the opening of the famous Burj al-Arab Dubai crossed the t's in a dispute over the title of the most luxurious holiday destination in the Emirates. However, Abu Dhabi after a short break continued the race of luxury. Installation of the Christmas tree with diamonds can be viewed as another challenge of Abu Dhabi to its neighbor.

Not only to diamonds have been used in decorating of a Christmas tree. Silver and gold jewelry, pendants, sapphires, emeralds, pearls and other precious stones - all together these expensive "toys" are amounted at 11 million of the cost of the tree. The cost of the tree itself is $ 10 000.

Christmas tree of 11 million is a unique case. Therefore, the Emirates Palace hotel administration has announced its readiness to grant the application for the inclusion of this Christmas tree in the Guinness Book of Records.

Emirates Palace Hotel is positioned as the only 7-star hotel in Abu Dhabi. The hotel is managed by the German hotel chain Kempinski. Brilliant tree is not the first action of the hotel, which is designed to attract the attention of wealthy tourists to the unprecedented cost of services. So, in February 2010, the hotel offered a special week-long tour in Abu Dhabi worth $ 1 million with accommodation in one of the best rooms of the world, where at the disposal of the guests was also a personal chauffeur of Maybach.

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Date: 18/12/2010

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