Prague hotel: the first in the world according to TripAdvisor

Prague hotel: the first in the world according to TripAdvisor
Prague – hotel in the Czech capital was recognized by TripAdvisor portal as the best hotel in the world

Portal of travel reviews,, published its latest top ten of hotels in the world. Rating of Travellers' Choice Awards is awarded in dozens of nominations, both by countries and price segments. In this case, top ten hotels is the "Oscar" for any hotel in the world.

In 2011, the list of the best hotels according to TripAdvisor headed hotel in Prague - U Zlate Studne. It is noteworthy that this hotel has already been in the lists of winners of the portal. Earlier U Zlate Studne was recognized as the best luxury hotel in the world in 5-4 star category.

It is worth noting that TripAdvisor chose this small hotel (19 rooms) not so much because of the size, but because of the service. After the arrival to the hotel the guests are offered a glass of wine, old-fashioned porters are helpful and the restaurant on the roof of the hotel offers a stunning view of Prague.

The main surprise of the current rating of TripAdvisor is that only 2 of dozens of hotels represent the Western Hemisphere - these are The Tuscany hotel on the islands of Turk and Caicos, as well as Los Altos De Eros (Eros Atolls) at the resort of Tamarindo in Costa Rica. But already six hotels represent Europe, including such popular areas as the island of Santorini in Greece, Venice, Lisbon and Marbella.

In total during Travellers' Choice Awards were presented 676 awards to the hotels from around the world. Another surprise of the current rating is the fact that among this multitude of hotels only 2 hotels of the famous hotel chains have received awards - Four Seasons and the latest brand W from Starwood.

Also in the ranking of TripAdvisor were featured not only the best hotels, but also the best prices. So, the best price for one-night accommodation according to the opinion of portal users is $93. The best price for rooms in romantic hotels is $400. The best price for your stay at the spa hotel is $427.

Date: 20/01/2011

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