Hotels in the UK: stars according to reviews

Hotels in the UK: stars according to reviews
Hotels in the UK: stars according to reviews

Classification system for hotels in the UK may soon undergo substantial changes. Department for Culture, Media and Sport of the United Kingdom reported on the preparation of special additions to the system of the hotel rating.

The new system of assessing the class of hotels in the UK will be based not only on the study of the quality by the governmental representatives. Guests’ reviews will also be taken into the account. Guests’ comments will be considered while awarding the class to the hotel.

According to the officials, when defining the class of the hotel will be considered reviews of major sites like TripAdvisor. Currently TripAdvisor is one of the largest travel portals of hotel reviews.

This step may seem like a very modern and at the same time unreasonable. The main problem is the quality of information published in the comments on this or that hotel. So, mentioned above and popular TripAdvisor often becomes not only a source of information, but also a platform for competition of hotels that are trying to taint the reputation of each other using negative comments.

Such "black" technologies are common for most of Britain. One recent precedent: the history of confrontation between TripAdvisor and the star of a British television series, Duncan Bannatyne, the star of the "Dragon's Lair" TV series. The actor was outraged by negative comments on the Charlton House Spa hotel, which he owns. According to Bannatyne, whose interview was published by The Telegraph, the review, in which his property is compared with the dilapidated house is unfair. The actor fears that because the large number of untested reviews threatens businesses of the owners of dozens of hotels across the country.

Today developing of a nationwide system of classification of hotels in the UK is carried out by VisitEngland company, one of the most influential travel organizations in the country. Its representatives have stated that existing at the time system of evaluation will be further amended, which will allow determining the level of the hotel including the use of the Internet.

Date: 27/01/2011

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