Rotana will open its first hotel in Jordan

Rotana will open its first hotel in Jordan
Rotana will open its first hotel in Jordan
Rotana hotel chain plans to open eight new hotels in the Middle East and South-East Asia in 2012.

New chain hotels will be built in Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Qatar and the UAE. Bahrain and Jordan will become new countries for the Rotana hotel chain. Rotana plans to present new hotel in the Jordan capital of Amman. The hotel is planed to be opened in the first quarter of 2012.

Anyway, the main market for Rotana hotels is the UAE, which is home for the network. Here the company intends to open four hotels in 2012: two hotels in Abu Dhabi and two in Dubai. All openings are scheduled for the third quarter of 2012.

Rotana Hotel Management Corporation was founded in 1992. The main regions for the network are the Middle East and North Africa. During its existence Rotana has managed to create a portfolio of 70 hotels. The company currently manages hotels under the brands of Rotana Hotels & Resorts, Centro Hotels by Rotana, Rayhaan Hotels & Resorts by Rotana, as well as Arjaan Hotel Apartments by Rotana apart-hotels. Rotana mainly owns 4-5* hotels, designed for Arabic-speaking tourists.

The company has long-term ambitious plans to strengthen its positions in traditional markets as well as to expand its presence in new regions. One of the biggest markets for Rotana must be Saudi Arabia, where it is planned to open 17 new hotels. Egypt, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar and other Middle Eastern countries will remain the traditional regions for the hotel development.

Date: 01/12/2011

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