Unusual Hotels: bubble hotel in France

Unusual Hotels: bubble hotel in France
Unusual Hotels: bubble hotel in France

Sleeping in the open air with comfort and feeling safe at the same time? The newest hotel concept that combines both these factors was presented by the French designer Pierre-Stéphane Dumas.

The namesake of the legendary novelist became the author of a unique bubble hotel, which is made of plastic and installed in a forest in the heart of nature. The hotel consists of only one room and resembles an Eskimo igloo.

When creating this hotel the French designer intended to create a living space that would allow a person to feel united with nature preserving at the same time all the advantages of hotel rooms. In such way a new kind of hotel real estate has appeared.

The hotel walls are transparent. Due to this fact its guests can enjoy nature and not worry about spiders or ants.

Creator of the hotel evaluated his project at 7700 Euros. At the same time bearing in mind that not everybody can afford this price Pierre-Stephane Dumas decided to provide a wide range of travelers with the opportunity to live in bubble hotels. The designer has created a special hotel chain Attrap'Rêves, which currently consists of two hotels. One of them is located in the south of France in the town of Allauch. The second hotel is also located in the south of France in the Var department, near the resort Auzeville. In the near future Pierre Stephane Dumas plans to open another hotel in the village of La Biuadisse. All three hotels are located near Marseille.

Hotels are located in the forest near human settlements. Each hotel has its own access via a small lane. Its guests can not only live in unique designer concept, but have the ability to use additional services such as jacuzzi on the street.

Each bubble hotel has its own distinctive feature. For example, a hotel near Allauch can offer its guests a splendid view of the town port harbor.
The cost of living in a unique hotel starts from 109 Euros per night, according to gizmag.com

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 03/06/2012

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