8 million visitors are expected in Pattaya hotels

8 million visitors are expected in Pattaya hotels
8 million visitors are expected in Pattaya hotels

Hotels in Pattaya are ready to set a record. In 2012 the resort on the east coast of Thailand hopes to receive 8 million tourists. This figure hasn’t been reached by any resort of the country in its history.

Tourism in Thailand, which experienced hard times during the last few years due to the political instability and numerous floods, today received a second wind. This is evidenced by the recently published reports of the C9 Hotelworks consultancy. According to the agency, hotel occupancy rates in Pattaya in 2011 increased by 9%. Among the major trends of the year was growing of popularity among the Thai residents. Domestic demand increased due to the optimization of the transport infrastructure in the remote areas of the country and its sea coast. It became easier for the people from the inner provinces to get to the coast. In addition, growing rich China also contributes to the increase of tourist traffic. Among other main countries presented on the Thai beaches is Russia. In fact these two countries compose 60% of the total number of tourists in Pattaya.

Against this background, local hotel chains, including luxury hotel operators, act quite actively. Thus, one of the biggest 2012 premieres of the hotel market in Pattaya is opening of the Centara's Grand Mirage Resort - a giant hotel complex with all possible services and facilities.

Pattaya is a resort, which is popular because of the two key factors: proximity to the Thai capital Bangkok and well-developed network of sex services. However, during the recent years Pattaya tries to get rid of the "obscene" reputation. Opening of the Centara's Grand Mirage Resort hotel designed mainly for family travelers may serve as an indirect proof.
Intention of Pattaya to please tourists with children is evidenced by the fact that by the end of the year at the resort is planned to be completed construction of a new water park Cartoon Network Water Park, which is expected to attract up to 800 thousand tourists annually. Estimated cost of the park construction is $31 million, according to the Bangkok Post.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 18/06/2012

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