US specialists determined the dirtiest places in hotels

US specialists determined the dirtiest places in hotels
US specialists determined the dirtiest places in hotels

Places with the highest percentage of unsafe bacteria were named in the USA. Americans, who are crazy on hygiene, now know that the most hazardous objects in the hotel room in terms of harmful viruses is TV remote control and bedside lamp switch. But, according to the study, toilet seat is the dirtiest place of the hotel room.

These facts were published in a recent report on the results of the research conducted by the University of Houston. The report was presented at the American Microbiologists Community.

Microbiologists were especially concerned about the fact that a large amount of bacteria was detected on items designed to combat with dirt – maid’s trolleys and mops. Scientists warn that such situation could trigger a burst of intestinal infections in the entire hotel as infection is not destroyed, but only spread. However, according to the resource, scientists didn’t manage to determine connection between the level of contamination and dangerous infections.

In total during the analysis were taken samples from 18 different surfaces in hotels. As a result, it was found that 81% of surfaces contained fecal bacteria.

The experts have also examined the level of pollution in the rooms. For the test were selected three hotel rooms in Texas, three in South Carolina and three in Indiana. It turned out that not everything is bad, sometimes can be found real oases of cleanliness. The cleanest places in hotels are headboards, bathroom door handles and curtains.

According to the researchers, results of their study will benefit the whole hotel industry. From now on hoteliers will be provided with important information about organizing clean control in the hotel premises.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 22/06/2012

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