World hotels: crazy ideas

World hotels: crazy ideas
World hotels: crazy ideas
Among the variety of hotels from classic hotel companies with their common design and similar set of services the only hotels that are trying to attract customers in unusual ways has always remained the islands of dissent and perky enterprise. On the site these hotels are presented in a special rubric "Unusual hotels", which tells about unique hotels located in prisons, monasteries, in the lighthouses and under the water.

However, it seems, there are still a lot of crazy ideas, which can be realized in the hotel industry. In this article we publish descriptions of a several hotels, which for some reasons can not be described as conventional hotels.

Exploranter Hotel in Brazil

Exploranter does not stand still at one place. It is a hotel on wheels, which is unique in its kind, mainly due to the number of beds. None of the currently known “hotels on wheels” could beat its record - 28 beds. Currently the hotel is based in Sao Paulo and offers tours to Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Exploranter has everything you need from kitchen to hot shower. There are also additional services - special events for the guests such as flights in balloons, horse riding or rafting along the mountain rivers. The hotel menu can sometimes surprise its visitors with such specialties as roasted red ants and much more.

De Vrouwe van Stavoren hotel in the Netherlands

Such combination of hotel features as environmental protection, recycling and gourmet hotel concept should have been considered as weird anywhere in the world, but not in the Netherlands. Here crazy or strange ideas are always welcomed. And it has resulted in a unique

De Vrouwe van Stavoren hotel built from old wine barrels. They were brought to the Netherlands from Switzerland, then washed and turned into the hotel rooms. Four barrels - four rooms. Night for two in the style of "The Tale of Tsar Saltan" costs 70 Euros.

Hotel Everland, the various countries

Everland is a vivid example of madness in design, when creators are trying to combine comfort with the world's best window views. Everland hotel travels around the world and has only one room. Depending on the current location its services cost from 333 to 444 Euros per night. And, by the way, it is the only night you can spend here, because the Everland hotel can be booked only for one night. Among the places, where it has ever parked, are the roof of the Tokyo palace in Paris and the roof of the Contemporary Art Museum in Leipzig. So, Everland is not just a hotel, but also an art installation.

Hotel Palacio de Sal in Bolivia

You have tequila and lemons, but what about the salt? In Hotel Palacio de Sal it is not a problem. There is no need to call the waiter or search for it in the room, because everything from furniture to ceilings in the Hotel Palacio de Sal is made of salt.

Propeller Island City Lodge in Germany

Propeller Island City Lodge is a designer concept in Berlin created by the artist Lars Strosen. The author calls his creation the "machine of images". The hotel has 30 rooms and each one is unique. According to Storsen, all interior elements are hand-made, so there are no consumer goods. The rooms, where accommodation prices start from 99 Euros, have a guillotine bedroom, a cage for lions and a bed on firewood.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 19/07/2012

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