A super casino hotel will be built in Hungary

A super casino hotel will be built in Hungary
Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas
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In the coming years, Hungary will become a new gambling center of Europe. A supermodern casino hotel will soon accompany other hotels in Hungary. Hard Rock International Company, known primarily through a chain of restaurants Hard Rock Cafe, plans to open Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hungary, similar to casino hotel in Las Vegas. The area in Hungary near the borders with Austria and Slovakia was chosen as a construction site for Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hungary.

EuroVegas Hungary Ltd Company will take part in construction from the Hungarian side, as well as Austrian investor Supersberger Group. The fact that the hotel will resemble the famous Vegas casinos was mentioned by the project initiators. In particular, representatives of the Hard Rock International announced that the style of the hotel Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hungary will combine all the attributes of a first-class entertainment resort, with lots of attractions, including the classic games «in the spirit of Vegas». Approximately 6000 slot machines and 400 tables for playing roulette - these numbers reflect the scale of the idea of project initiators. The total project cost was announced in the amount of $ 5 billion.

The new Hungarian hotel, construction of which will be completed by 2012 according to plan, will be designed for 600 rooms. The hotel room capacity will be represented by various range, including Rock Start Suite – for those, who feel like a rock star in heart.

To date, Hard Rock International operates several casino hotels mostly in the United States. Hard Rock hotels can be found in Las Vegas Orlando, Chicago and other cities. Outside the U.S. Hard Rock casino hotels are presented at the resorts Pattaya (Thailand) and Bali (Indonesia).
The use of rock attributes as a marketing tool is becoming more popular in today's hotel industry. In April 2009 boutique hotel Sanctum Soho was opened in London, which was announced as the first rock-hotel in the British capital and in creation of which the manager of the legendary British Group Iron Maiden was involved. Rock hotels regularly appear in various cities in Europe, Asia, America and Australia. However, none of the company in the hotel industry managed to excel Hard Rock International in ability of rock style usage. In addition to Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hungary, by 2012 Hard Rock International plans to open hotels in Singapore, Panama, Penang (Malaysia), Dubai and Adu Dhabi.

Date: 29/06/2009


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