Rating of the most scandalous hotels in the world from Tripadvisor

Rating of the most scandalous hotels in the world from Tripadvisor
Adlon Hotel in Germany - first place among the most controversial hotels in the world according to Tripadvisor

One of the biggest tourist resources of the Internet - an American review portal Tripadvisor.com - posted on its pages ranking of the most scandalous hotels in the world. It includes hotels, which at various times were at the center of a scandal, usually with a big name. At the same time, most hotels in the list are from the United States.

1. Adlon Hotel, Berlin. This hotel has won first place in the ranking of the most scandalous hotels due to a controversial trick of the late King of pop music Michael Jackson. In November 2003, Adlon was in all the news bulletins because famous singer decided to show his newborn child, holding him in his arms through the railings above the crowd of fans. This case, however, was unable to spoil the reputation of Adlon, which still remains one of the best hotels in Germany.

2. Mark Hotel in New York won the second place thanks to unrestrained temperament of one of his guests - namely, Johnny Depp. He smashed to smithereens the suit for $ 1200 per day during the quarrel with his then girlfriend, supermodel Kate Moss

3. Another New York hotel is famous because of the scandal with Russell Crowe. Star guest was arrested in the Mercer Hotel for the fact that in a fit of rage he threw the phone into a waiter. Crowe was very upset that he could not call home to Australia.

4. Sunset Tower Hotel on the famous Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills is on the fourth place. Opened in 1931, the hotel immediately won the love of bohemians in Los Angeles. A list of its guests can be found today on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. One of them, the legendary hero of westerns actor John Wayne, was remembered at the hotel as he was able to deliver in penthouse a real cow - for those guests who want natural cream in their coffee.

5. Ritz Hotel in Paris - another legend of the hotel business - is on the fifth place thanks to the well-known all over the world chasing of paparazzi for Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed, which tragically ended in the death of both celebrities. It was in the hotel of the Ritz restaurant where Diana and Dodi dined for last time in their life.

6. Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal became known throughout the world thanks to John Lennon and Yoko Ono. In 1969, in one of the rooms John and Yoko staged their unusual “Bed-In for Peace”, thereby expressing a protest against the Vietnam War. It was at this hotel on June 1, 1969 when the song Give Peace a Chance was recorded.

7. Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles - the number of scandals ensured it a place in the top ten. At the Chateau Marmont Led Zeppelin band drove in the hall on motorcycles. Here fell and injured his back Jim Morrisson. Against this background the ban on visits of the hotel by Britney Spears because of lewd behavior looks a bit daunting.

8. On the eighth place is the legendary Chelsea Hotel in New York, which has recently changed the owner. It is the place where Bob Dylan wrote songs and where the legend of beatniks Dylan Thomas died from an overdose of alcohol.

9. The ninth place was earned by the Palace Station Casino hotel in Las Vegas. In 2007 Jay Simpson was arrested here for an attempted robbery. The actor tried to take sports trophies from this hotel.

10. Hilton Hotel in Washington became known to the world as a place of an attempt on the President Ronald Reagan in 1981.

Date: 05/11/2010

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