The most expensive ski hotel in the world is located in France

The most expensive ski hotel in the world is located in France
The most expensive ski hotel in the world is located in France

France is a country that has long been considered a synonym for ski holidays. Ski tourism infrastructure here is one of the best in the world. Ski hotels in France for decades compete in luxury and comfort with other European counterparts. And recently site provided its users with the opportunity to watch the results of this competition. The site conducted a study and presented a list of the most luxurious hotels at ski resorts of the world this season. And the first place was occupied by the Suites de la Potiniere hotel in Courchevel.

Suites de la Potiniere received the status of the most luxurious hotel after the average value of standard rooms at all luxury hotels participating in the study was calculated. During the study were taken into account prices offered by the hotels for the period from January to March 2012. The cost of a room in a five-star Suites de la Potiniere hotel was $1958 per night.

Suites de la Potiniere is a spa hotel in the heart of the Courchevel resort in the village of Courchevel 1850. One of the features is a duplex room with a total area of 450 m2.

Courchevel, by the way, is the only winter sports resort in France, which is represented in list of the most expensive ski hotels in the world. But, thanks to the famous millionaires from Russia, Courchevel is represented by three hotels in the list. Le Melezin ($1001 per room) and La Sivoliere ($951 per room) took 9th and 10th places.

Another leader in the number of luxury hotels is an Austrian resort of Lech. As well as Courchevel it has 3 hotels in the list. On the second place was Aurelio Lech ($1423), on the fourth - Almhof Schneider ($1185) and on the seventh - Gasthof Post ($1012). Surprisingly, but usual record-breaking Switzerland was quite modest. Carlton Hotel in St. Moritz with $1256 for a standard room won the third place, Suvretta House - the fifth.

Here is presented the full list of winners:

1. Les Suites de la Potiniere (Courchevel, France) $1958
2. Aurelio Lech (Lech, Austria) $1423
3. Carlton Hotel (St. Moritz, Switzerland) $1256
4. Almhof Schneider (Lech, Austria)
5. Suvretta House (St Moritz, Switzerland) $1121
6. The St. Regis Deer Valley Resort (Deer Valley, USA) $1037
7. Gasthof Post (Lech, Austria) $1012
8. The Little Nell (Aspen, Colorado) $ 1002
9. Le Melezin (Courchevel, France) $1001
10. La Sivoliere (Courchevel, France) $951

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 02/02/2012

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